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A curated collection of strange stories from a small town where a scientist has been experimenting with marine life.

Inspired by the creative power of a diverse group of people and improv comedy we’re creating a podcast where collaborators from around the world contribute to building the characters and stories in a fantastic world.

We’re looking for people to record a short improv interview as a character from the story. We’ve outlined the basic details of the world and some significant events that you (and others) can reference in the interviews to intertwine the stories.

What’s the story

The time: Early 1960’s.
Location: Near Arcata Bay in Northern California
Setting: A small marine research facility located on a high cliff above the ocean

Dr. Shiner runs the facility. He’s a scientist, inventor, philosopher and new age guru. Although Shiner has been recognized for his past achievements, his colleagues fear that he has abandoned the scientific method to pursue pseudoscientific ideas. He has recently started experimenting with psychedelic substances.

Shiner’s latest project:

An octopus can change the color patterns on it’s skin at will. Shiner, experimenting with hallucinogens, believes he can understand the patterns that the octopus. He’s created a device that will translate the color patterns into sounds.

Shiner’s Research Facility:

The facility where Dr. Shiner works.

Ocean below the facilty:

The cliffside ocean view of the town.

Example character types in the town

Research Assistants

Early in his career, Shiner attracted driven young researchers to follow in his footsteps. As he moved into more esoteric endeavors, however, many became disenfranchised with his methods. Those jaded individuals that remain, only do so because Shiner’s notoriety brings in a continued source of funding for their projects. But Shiner’s eccentricities are beginning to jeopardize that funding as well.


Shiner’s foray into

Towns people

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Skeptic Scientist Colleagues

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Where did Dial O for Octopus come from?

Dial O for Octopus was originally a movie concept that we’ve been exploring for some time.

What’s in it for me?

  • Mentioned at the end of the podcast (if you so choose)
  • Mentioned on the website
  • Satisfaction of being apart of a larger project
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